Good teachers everywhere understand that the best future for their pupils lies in a good education.

Teachers are juggling the demands of changing curricula with the welfare of children in their care.


The following organisations offer information and resources for teachers with a global interest in education.


Devon Development Education

DDE Logo Devon Development Education
The Global Centre Exeter


Persona Dolls UK small logo  Using Persona Dolls is a great way method  of getting over difficult and emotional subject matter find out more from Persona Doll Training UK

Jane offers training in using Persona Dolls throughout Devon.


As part of the Global Learning Program Jane also offers training for teachers in Philosophy for Children

HATW logo small

Hands around the World

This is the organization through which Jane went to Centocow as a Volunteer on her initial 3 month trip in 2001.



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The Family Literacy Project

The Family Literacy Project – KwaZulu-Natal

– read about Jane’s visit to the Mpumlwane library near Centocow in 2005 here. It’s just one of many small libraries in Rural KwaZulu-Natal that they run.

Tree Logo


Training & Resources in Early Education. Provides Training in ECD ( Early Child Development) for Carer’s, Teachers, Pre-School Workers and others throughout KwaZulu-Natal.

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Nal’ibali, isiXhosa for “here’s the story” is a reading-for-enjoyment campaign in South Africa. It encourages children through storytelling & reading. You can get and read African stories from its website

Persona Doll ZA Logo
Find out about how Persona Dolls are used in South Africa.



We are developing links with more organisations as time goes on.

Check back here frequently.

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    Exmouth and Centocow Linking Association

    Jane Habermehl an early years specialist teacher made links with a group of schools in Rurual Kwa-Zulu-Natal in September 2001. The Exmouth Centocow Linking Assoc. was formed on her return and over the years she has shared her knowledge of pre-schools in South Africa and revisited the teachers on several occasions.
    Exmouth and Centocow Linking Association
    Exmouth and Centocow Linking Association
    Zimbile and the Family Literacy Project

    One of the exciting developments for Devon Centocow Link since becoming a registered charity is the potential for learning from and engaging with our partner non-profit organisations. This opportunity gives us further scope for assisting in new ventures as well as benefiting our current projects.

    Find out more at
    Exmouth and Centocow Linking Association
    Exmouth and Centocow Linking Association
    Please help us to bring crayons, pencils
    to pre-school children in Centocow
    A member of the team is travelling to South Africa on
    11thOctober. Collecting from Exmouth
    Call 07525433456
    Thank you
    Exmouth and Centocow Linking Association
    Exmouth and Centocow Linking Association shared a post.
    Nontuthuko Xaba and Nomusa Mkhungo attended the 1st Climate Change Summit hosted by the KZN Legislature on 14-15 August 2019. This was a relevant platform for us as we are aiming to involve girls to communicate the issue of 1, 5 degree celcius with legislators in National Parliament and Provincial legislature without generalising but presenting it as their truth at least at the moment.
    Exmouth and Centocow Linking Association
    Exmouth and Centocow Linking Association
    Help us raised funds for the children and teachers of Centocow

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